I am very concerned to protect patient confidentiality. These testimonials are presented 'as received', but I have changed patient names.

Dear Susannah,

I feel very honoured that you have asked me to write a testimony for your website and hope that I can, in some little way, express just how grateful I am for your help with J.

Ours is not an unusual story, I am sure. Jenny was being bullied at school and although I had spoken to the Head of her Key Stage and SENCO; none of us were aware of how badly it was affecting Jenny until she came home from school to say that she had been to the Drop-in GP by the school and he was concerned about her loss of weight. This weight loss happened over a four month period. Looking back I had noticed that she was losing weight and was suffering with back ache and night cramps, but I had not known that she wasn't eating her lunch at school and had stopped having periods. Luckily for us the day after her trip to the GP Jenny had an appointment to see the osteopath about her back problems. We spoke to the osteopath about her weight loss problem and she recommended that we see you immediately.

You have been able to change the way Jenny deals with girls at school and you have been able to make her see things from a different perspective. Jenny said that her seeing you was very different to what she had expected. She felt as if she was just having a chat with you and never felt interrogated or judged. You developed an excellent relationship with Jenny and she never once complained about going to see you, in fact she looked forward to her visits as it gave her a lot of relief from her worries. I love the way you also have fun conversations about fashion!

You have been brilliant at keeping me informed about J's health without breaking any patient confidentiality with her. I was nervous about asking too many questions, but you have always been honest about J's condition and told me truthfully when you were concerned about her at certain periods. You did this in a way that kept me calm and I felt very reassured after our conversations. You gave me helpful advice and also warning signs that I should look out for. You have been very good at educating me about anorexia and the fact that it is a control mechanism as opposed to a desire to be thin for appearance's sake.

I have enormous respect for your skills and trust you completely. If Jenny has a concern about anything that she wants to discuss with me, I often ask her what she thinks you would say.

I am thrilled that Jenny is now a happy, confident and beautiful young woman. She is able to express her feelings articulately and often helps her friends to resolve their own problems. I feel that she is ready to face the future and is so keen to pursue her studies and career in fashion and none of this would be happening if she had been ill.

I hope that Jenny may continue to see you as long as she finds it helpful. I am aware that anorexia is a condition that may come back at any time and if Jenny gets into a situation where she is bullied again that could trigger it. However, I hope that with the strategies you have given her she will be better equipped to deal with it in the future.

I know that I owe an enormous debt to you, Susannah, for saving my daughter from developing the eating disorder, anorexia nervosa. I will always be grateful to you and I am aware that things could have worked out very differently if we hadn't found you.

With very best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Jenny's Mum



Dear Susannah,

I am gladly writing a testimonial for you as requested. I am sorry that I haven't responded sooner, but I have been away on holiday for the past three weeks. So here goes…

I contacted Susannah after she had been recommended to me, as I had thought about hypnosis to help me with weight loss. Susannah offers two hour sessions where hypnotherapy is combined with counseling and this approach worked very well for me. All in all I visited her for a period of six months and lost over two stone during that period. My attitude to food has changed completely and I have been able to keep my weight off since then and I also started to become more active and am exercising regularly.

Please let me know, if you would like me to write a longer testimonial, or if this suits your purposes.

All the best,




Hi Susannah,

I've given some thought to what we discussed earlier in the week and have come up with the following. All the best with the new website!

"I have confided in Susannah on a number of occasions. She has a real talent for listening, getting to the heart of the issue and finding a solution. I always leave a session having learnt something, including approaching or tackling a problem differently. Susannah creates a relaxed atmosphere and is an excellent hypnotherapist with a wonderfully soothing voice."




I first came across Susannah in 1997 when I saw advertisement for hypnotherapy to stop smoking, I thought' this sounds like an easy way to stop smoking without any effort on my part', I called immediately. It was a 2 hour session - an hour to find out more about me and my motivation to smoke and an hour of hypnotherapy.

I didn't really know what to expect after the session, a life without my little friends, Silk Cut. I was so surprised, I had absolutely no motivation to buy cigarettes, I even looked at them in the newsagents, ever shocked at the price and thought I can't believe I used to buy them. I am please to say, that I am still a non-smoker, all these years later.

Thank you Susannah.