I was interviewed by ELLE magazine and given a highly favourable write-up. Please read "What ELLE says" to learn more…

The publicity this engendered lead to a huge response from people wanting help in one way or another; satisfied clients recommended me to friends looking for a London-based hypnotherapy consultant and I've been working ever since. I've gained a wealth of experience to draw from. The most important thing I've learned is standard techniques don't do justice to the individual. Everyone who comes to see me is special and unique and deserves a special and unique therapy.

I've been lucky enough to gain the experience to apply counselling and hypnosis in ways most likely to bring about the sort of change you want to introduce to your life.

I work from home. I'm easily reached – a five minute walk from either Baker Street or Marylebone underground stations, very centrally located. My home is comfortable and relaxed, safe and secure.

I always allow two hours per session, plenty of time for you to say all you need for me to understand. Together, we find a way to explore what it is you want and to agree how we'll both know you're on your way to achieving it. And then, we'll use hypnosis. Unlike ordinary psychotherapy or counselling, you can expect some sort of change straight away. It might not be all that you want first time but it will be a step nearer. And then I like people to go out and live their lives and return to discuss the way they've felt and how life has been in the interim before we determine our next step. Of course, you may accomplish all that you want in just one session – in which case, we don't fiddle when it's fixed!