You are the leading expert on you; counselling will help you explore and share yourself in the easily accessible, safe and comfortable setting of my consulting room. You will have the time and space to get to the root of your issues and the truth of your fears, hopes and wishes.

Those who benefit most from my approach to therapy are those who appreciate an interactive therapist. This means I question, challenge and cheer lead. I'm on your side, listening to what you want for yourself. Together, we will find a way to explore what it is you want and to agree how we'll both know you're on your way to achieving it.

Then I can design the tailor-made hypnotherapy which will help you on your way to becoming the person you really are.

Products and Services

Hypnotherapy Treatments
Advanced Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Habit Control, Personal Development, Relaxation, Self Confidence Development, Release from Anxiety, Self Hypnosis, Weight Control & Eating Disorders
Sexual Counselling & Advice
Sexual & Relationship Issues
Types of addiction
Alcohol and Drug Dependence, Gambling, Shopping – and as many others as the human mind can devise
Counselling & Advice
Cognitive therapy, Life Coaching, Personal Development, Self Confidence Development, Smoking Treatment
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